HOUSE of Flesh Mannequins

Director:  Domiziano Cristopharo

Screenwriter:  Domiziano Cristopharo

Genre:  Drama/Horror

Cast:  Domiziano Arcangeli, Irena Hoffman, Giovanni Lombardo Radice

Language:  English with Italian subtitles


Sebastian, a loner artist, photographer and filmmaker spends his days in the seediness of life’s elements. Helping a local child pornographer by taking pictures, photographing violent acts and spending alot of time watching homemade films filled with jarring imagery, Sebastian also happens to be his buildings landlord. There is a lot to take in while watching House of Flesh Mannequins. The film’s many layers almost demand multiple viewers so that it’s many nuances can be fully appreciated. With this film’s main themes being, gratuitous violence on T.V. and the aftereffect of childhood a trauma.

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the MUSEUM of Wonders

Director:  Domiziano Cristopharo

Screenwriter:  Elio Mancuso

Genre:  Fantasy/Musical/Horror

Cast:  Francesco Venditti, Venantino Venantini, Giampiero Ingrassia, Maria Rosaria Omaggio, Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Language:  Italian with ENG subtitles


The Museum of Wonders is more of a statement on the ugliness of prejudice and greed in society than a horror flick. Thinly veiled in a horror movie shell this film works on a much deeper level. The group of side show performers and freaks may not be your typical family, but I would argue that they are indeed a family and serve here as a microcosm for society as a whole.

With a high-end pension for cinematography, writing and direction (and I should mention the wonderful soundtrack, make-up, costumes, sets and lighting, all of which are outstanding), it should be no surprise to anyone that this has won a few festival awards.

P.O.E. Poetry Of Eerie

Directors:  AAVV

Screenwriter:  AAVV

Genre:  Fantasy/Drama/Horror


15 international directors reunite to re-tell Edgar Allan Poe's most popular terror tales: Domiziano Cristopharo (MAELZEL’S CHESS AUTOMATON), Giovanni Pianigiani & Bruno di Marcello (GORDON PYM), Paolo Gaudio (THE BLACK CAT), Alessandro Giordani (THE SPHINX), Paolo Fazzini (MAN OF THE CROWD), Simone Barbetti (THE TOMB OF LIGEIA), Giuliano Giacomelli (BERENICE), Matteo Corazza (THE GLASSES), Fratelli Capasso (THE SILENCE), Edo Tagliavini (VALDEMAR), Manuela Sica (THE TELL-TALE HEART), Yumiko Sakura Itou (SONG), Rosso Fiorentino (THE RAVEN)

english version

versione ITALIANA!

P.O.E. Project Of Evil

Directors:   Donatello Della Pepa, Angelo & Giuseppe Capasso, Edo Tagliavini, Alberto Viavattene, Nathan Nicholovitch, Domiziano Cristopharo, Giuliano Giacomelli

Screenwriter:  AAVV

Genre:  Horror

Language:  English


Original filmmakers from around the world group together to bring the tales of Edgar Allen Poe to life.  The film focuses on the bloody, violent and disturbing insights and writings of the infamous Boston author.  Stories include ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’, Solo’, ‘Loss of Breath’, ‘The Murders in the Rue Morgue’, ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’, ‘The System of Dr. Tar and Prof. Feather’, and ‘The Premature Burial’…like you’ve never seen before!





Language:  German/English



Laufzeit DVDca. 91 Min.

Laufzeit BDca. 95 Min.

Bild DVD:2,32:1 (16:9 anamorph) PAL

Bild BD:2,32:1 (Full-HD)

Ton DVD:Deutsch DD 5.1/2.0

Ton BD:Deutsch HD-Master Audio 5.1/2.0


HOUSE of Flesh Mannequins - BLURAY

LABEL:  Edel/Paragon Movies

Language:  German/English

Audio: Tedesco (Dolby Digital 2.0), Tedesco (DTS-HD 5.1), Inglese (DTS-HD 2.0)


NB: this version is CENSORED


SHOCK - my abstraction of death

Directors:  Alessandro Redaelli/Domiziano Cristopharo

Language:  Italian with ENG subtitles

Cast: Nancy de Lucia, Yuri Antonosante, Lucia Batassa, Peppe Laudisa, Max Onorato, Niccolo Pessi.

Genre:  Thriller/Horror


Filmed in the picturesque location of Secinaro and "pagliare" Tione (Abruzzo), the episode of Domitiano Cristopharo focuses attention on the contrast between the interior and the physical fragility of an item "reassuring" as the house, which protects us, and that here in the post-earthquake becomes a source of concern. 

The episode of Redaelli relies entirely on the relationship between the two main characters of the story, trying to exclude any person outside of them. What is important is their tragedy; the drama of a boy who loses his family suddenly and that of a close friend, who tries in every way to be near him, to make him well and to understand the cause of his horrible visions. Shot in the outskirts of Milan the film is a psychological horror dramatic tones that investigates the psychological and physical frailty of man. 

versione ITALIANA


Director:  Domiziano Cristopharo

Screenwriter:  Filippo Luciano Santaniello

Language:  English with Italian and French subtitles

Cast: Nancy de Lucia, Roberta Gemma, Venantino Venantini, Ruggero Deodato, Maria Rosaria Omaggio

Genre:  Horror/Comedy/Erotic


THE FIRST GLAM/HORROR in the world (Ecran Fantastique)


A shocking experience where Beauty, Madness, Sex and Blood are again melted together in a no limits italian '70's old movie style!





Director:  Adam Ford

Screenwriter/producer:  Domiziano Cristopharo/Likov Mitoloskih

Language:  no

Cast: Matteo de Liberato, Rikky Fiore

Genre:  Extreme/Horror

Freely inspired to the GACY’s torture insane world, this film promise to tell what in other movies no one

had the courage to push the limits!

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Director:  Domiziano Cristopharo

Screenwriter:  Francesco Scardone

Language:  English, Italian - with Italian and French subtitles

Cast: Brock Madson

Genre:  Drama/Fantasy


Movie deals with various themes, from environmentalism to the more "mundane" generically related to the use of drugs, starting with a small introduction on Krokodil and its fertile existence due to the enrichment that the pharmaceutical industry in Russia will take. But the story is a pretext that I use to focus on psychological condition voted annulment from themselves and from the surrounding world, a vision apparently static, repetitive, which sees only a present and a future. 




Director:  Domiziano Cristopharo/Jesus Carrier Housemann

Screenwriter:  Andrea Cavaletto

Language:  Italian - with English subtitles

Cast: Roberta Gemma, Venantino Venantini, Claudio Zanelli

Genre:  Porn/Horror


An erotic horror movie dedicated to Joe D Amato, Hyde's Secret Nightmare combines the two genres and mixes them in equal parts. Cross-cut erotic and horror scenes are kept together by a thread of dramatic force bordering on obsession, paranoia, phobia, perversion, and lack of self-acceptance. Everything unfolds in an extreme world where sex seems the only way to attain a state of well-being. 




Director:  Domiziano Cristopharo

Screenwriter:  Andrea Cavaletto

Language:  unspoken - with Italian, French and English subtitles

Cast: Aurora Kostova, Tiziano Cella

Genre:  Horror/Thriller

An obsessed, homicidal loner stalks women in a metropolitan city in hopes of creating the ultimate living doll that he can keep all for himself.

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Director:  Domiziano Cristopharo

Screenwriter:  Andrea Cavaletto

Genre:  Horror/Extreme

Cast:  Chiara Pavoni, Emanuele d'Elia, Simone Tolu

Language: EN  Subtitles: English, French, Italian, German


In a large isolated cellar, a mysterious aristocratic woman asks to a drug addict fascit

– totally mesmerized by her – to torture a Hispanic guy meanwhile she film the escalation

of violence with a camera. The reason is hidden inside her, revealed slowly by memories of

years of abuses.

collector's edition: BOOKBOX + DVD + POSTER


Director:  Domiziano Cristopharo

Screenwriter:  Andrea Cavaletto

Genre:  Drama/Horror

Cast:  Roberta Gemma, Arian Levanael

Language:  English with Italian subtitles


Anna is a beautiful and fiercely independent blind woman.  Due to financial problems, she and her husband Carl are forced to sell their apartment and move into an old house surrounded by vast open fields. Anna is unhappy there. She feels even more isolated than before and spends most of her time alone. Soon eerie noises and strange occurrences lead her to believe someone -- or something -- is in the house with her.

With classic Italian atmosphere and photography, The Transparent Woman evokes the spirit of such cult directors as Mario Bava, Pupi Avati and Sergio Martino.

Two Left Arms

Director:  Domiziano Cristopharo

Screenwriter:  Andrea Cavaletto

Genre:  Fantasy/Horror

Cast:  Yvonne Scio, Paolo Stella, Carlo De Mejo, Frank Laloggia, Ruggero Deodato

Language:  Italian/English with EN subtitles


Randolph Carter arrives in a small town in Italy to restore an old painting inside an unconsecrated church. He soon discovers that he is in the middle of a strange town, surrounded by weird people and a mysterious lake….which legend has it was created by the impact of a meteorite.

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