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Confessions of a necrophile
Confessioni di una Necrofila

Director: Domiziano Cristopharo

Screenwriter:  Domiziano Cristopharo

Genre:  Horror/Drama

STATUS: post-production


Directed by Domiziano Cristopharo (House of Flesh Mannequins, Red Krokodil), Confessions of a Necrophile Girl is an erotic and disturbing drama film that is part of the TETROMANIAC series by TetroVideo (the shocking film series about the real stories involving criminals and serial killers). It has just finished post-production and it is set to come out in 2021.


Confessions of a Necrophile Girl is inspired by the true story of the American necrophile Karen Greenlee, played by Angela del Regno. Lorenzo Fedele (Vore / Gore), Dario Almerighi (Me and the Devil), Vincenzo Paliasc, Daniele Arturi (The House Guest), Alvia Reale (Tales to tell in the Dark), Chiara Pavoni (Xpiation), Andrea Autullo (Baby Gang), Paolo Di Gialluca (7 Sins) and Mario De Lillo also star.


Director:  AAVV

Screenwriter:  AAVV

Genre:  Horror/Extreme



There have been many phobias and fetishes that have been explored and utilized as the catalyst in countless horror films over the years. A surprising number of people in the world either suffer from a phobia or indulge, usually in secret, a fetish that fulfills a certain need within that individual. For the first time ever, the upcoming horror film, Vore Gore, will be taking an unflinching exploration into the world of vorarephilia, or vore for short. What is vore, you may ask? Well, it’s an uncommon fetish where someone experiences unique arousal while imagining or even acting out the consumption of another human being. 


Director:  Domiziano Cristopharo

Screenwriter:  Domiziano Cristopharo, Andrea Cavaletto

Genre:  SCI-FI/Cyberpunk

STATUS: completed


From the novel of the same name by Andrea Cavaletto and Fulvio Gatti, BLUE SUNSET is the first Italian cyberpunk movie of the new millennium: science fiction here meets horror, in this nihilist tribute to the extreme Japanese film THE ANDROID OF NOTREDAME.

ELDORADO Cristopharo

Director:  Domiziano Cristopharo

Screenwriter:  Domiziano Cristopharo, Andrea Cavaletto

Producer: Nicola Vitale Materi

Genre:  Mystic road movie

STATUS: filming


Starring the screenwrite/writer Elio Mancuso, ELDORADO is a challenge and a change in the author filmography and style.

A trip/journey into the SANTERIA (regla de Ocha) and the evil side of the human being.

Eldorado cristopharo pic.jpg